Therapy for Women & Teen Girls with Anxiety, Trauma or Depression.

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    About Rachel R. White, LMHC

    Rachel is a sought-after licensed psychotherapist practicing in Jacksonville, Florida. She is an EMDRIA-certified EMDR practitioner.  EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, a gold-standard, brain-body therapy and evidence-based treatment for trauma, PTSD, and anxiety. Rachel brings experience from her work with all kinds of people who have all kinds of traumas, both big and small, and is skilled in helping her clients find the freedom to move forward unhindered. In fact, her passion is to see you living free! Rachel welcomes people of all faiths into her practice. She is committed to her own faith in Jesus Christ and is skilled in providing Biblically-based, Christ-centered therapy to those who desire it.

    Her practice focuses on the following:

    • A safe, comfortable, confidential space.
    • Using a brain-body therapy called EMDR to help clients heal their bodies along with their minds so they can thrive wherever they are;
    • Therapy that helps clients break free from controlling thoughts, memories, and the sick anxious feelings in their bodies due to childhood abuse, and/or lack of nurture.
    • Helping women break away from toxic people, narcissists, and unhealthy relationships.
    • Healing the trauma and wounds that come from gaslighting at home, at work, or in relationships.
    • Performance anxiety, perfectionism, and struggles with worthiness and shame;
    • Helping those who have faced life-altering incidents through trauma, surgery, job loss, illness, death, and divorce.
    • Those who feel held back by limiting beliefs about themselves, who are running into the same old mental and emotional blocks or internal shame messages every time they try to succeed, who feel imprisoned by people-pleasing, or who can’t seem to break co-dependent habits in relationships.
    • Anyone who has had a recent incident that is troubling them, keeping them awake, or left them changed in unwanted ways.

    Rachel’s Experience

    Rachel has over 30 years of experience holistically supporting women’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health via teaching, coaching, and for the last 12 years as a licensed counselor.  She has worked with all kinds of people but primarily focuses her practice on the mental wellness of women. Rachel is for women! She not only has experience as a private clinician, her experience includes counseling in community agencies, nonprofits, and ministries, leadership roles in ministry locally and abroad, creating and building a national holistic program for women in recovery from labor/sex trafficking, supporting women battling addiction, overcoming abuse, and helping women leave hurtful toxic relationships. While Rachel welcomes people of all faiths into her practice, she is committed to her own faith in Jesus Christ and is skilled in providing Biblically-based, Christ-centered therapy to those who desire it. Her history within the church is decades long and complicated and she understands burn-out, compassion fatigue and church wounds in deeply personal ways and can help you find your way to spiritual wholeness.

    Rachel is an alumnus of Baylor University, (BA 1990), Liberty University w/ High Distinction  (MA 2012), and the Mayo School of Health Sciences (2012). She is an EMDRIA-certified EMDR practitioner, a Qualified Supervisor in the state of Florida, and holds membership in national and international professional associations.

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    The Seven Oaks Mission

    The Seven Oaks mission is your mental wellness. We offer well-studied, proven treatments to improve your mental, emotional, and relational health. Our practitioners are licensed and trained in various treatment protocols that are individualized to meet your unique mental health challenges.

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