Therapy for Women & Teen Girls with Anxiety, Trauma or Depression.

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    Is anxiety taking over your life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try? Have you already tried talk therapy but found it ineffective?

    If this sounds like you, EMDR can help because often our anxiety is a brain-body issue that EMDR is uniquely able to remedy.  We offer effective, research-based treatment for GAD, Panic, and Stress disorders so you can get the relief and the peace you need to live your life.

    Often, these are the symptoms of anxiety:

    • Excessive worry and apprehension more days that not
    • Frequent GI problems like upset stomach, trouble digesting food, nausea
    • Muscle tension
    • Have difficulty controlling the worry
    • Nervousness, restlessness, or being keyed up
    • Feelings of danger, panic, or dread
    • Irritability
    • Easily fatigued
    • Difficulty focusing or thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you’re worried about
    • Insomnia
    • Obsessions about certain ideas
    • Anxiety surrounding a particular life event or experience that has occurred in the past
    • Newly acquired phobias or fears after an adverse event
    • Fears of social situations

    EMDR Therapy can help to uncover the underlying causes of your worries and fears and help you show up in your life calm, free, and confident again.

    When it comes to treating anxiety disorders, research shows that EMDR is one of the most effective options. That’s because anxiety therapy – as opposed to anxiety medication – treats more than just symptoms of the problem, it helps your nervous system return, or maybe find for the first time, a safe and calm state.

    We care about women’s mental health and more women than men suffer from anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the most common mental health diagnosis according to a recent study. This is why we offer therapy for women with anxiety. If you are a woman seeking help for anxiety, contact us today for a free evaluation.