Therapy for Women & Teen Girls with Anxiety, Trauma or Depression.

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    Reclaim Your Well-Being Through EMDR Intensives in Jacksonville, FL

    If you’re seeking a transformative and concentrated approach to addressing trauma, childhood wounds, PTSD, or anxiety, you can count on the professionals at Seven Oaks Therapy in Jacksonville, Florida. Our eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) intensives are designed to provide impactful results over a shorter time frame than traditional therapeutic approaches, so you can learn, grow, and heal. Discover how EMDR intensives can change your life.

    Dive Deeper, Heal Faster

    EMDR therapy is renowned for its effectiveness in treating emotional distress linked to traumatic experiences. EMDR intensives take this transformative therapy to the next level by condensing the treatment process into multi-hour and multi-day sessions.

    While traditional EMDR therapy involves weekly or bi-weekly sessions, EMDR intensives compress the treatment timeline. Instead of spreading sessions over several weeks, intensives condense the therapeutic work into half-days, full days, or a full week schedule.  This format provides a unique opportunity for clients to dive deeply into their healing journeys without the interruptions of extended breaks between sessions. 

    Some of the benefits of EMDR intensives include:

    • Accelerated progress – EMDR intensives are shown in several studies to offer an accelerated path to healing by maintaining momentum and focus throughout the treatment process. 
    • Comprehensive support – Clients experience comprehensive support from our skilled EMDR therapists, allowing for a more continuous and immersive therapeutic experience.
    • Deep exploration – With extended sessions, individuals can explore and process challenging memories more intensively, promoting a more profound and transformative healing experience.
    • You don’t have to live in Jacksonville or Florida to enjoy the benefits of an intensive. You can travel from anywhere to our beautiful destination and while you are here, complete your intensive. 

    Why Choose Seven Oaks Therapy?

    At Seven Oaks Therapy, our EMDR intensives are led by qualified professionals who are dedicated to your well-being. We understand the unique needs of individuals seeking a concentrated approach to healing, and our therapists combine expertise with compassion to guide you through the process. To learn more about our counseling services, reach out to Seven Oaks Therapy or visit our Jacksonville, FL, office today to learn more.